Time travel is possible and It is happening: Scientists say

Time travel, it really sounds like something which never possible. It is possible only in science fictions movies. The term for time travel was drawn closer in the last week in the AMC Visionaries, Episode No.6. It is the story of science fiction, written by James Cameron. This two-hour duration documentary explored the popular film style to understand from where some of the documentary’s unbelievable ideas arrive from and whether they can be applied in real life, that means whether the time travel is possible in real life or not. In the episode, featuring film director Christopher Nolan, The Matrix star Keanu Reeves, and Christopher Lloyd, Back to the Future actor to discuss the entire process.

However, some information has indicated that time travel is now possible. It may sound unbelievable, but scientists have been developed a time travel machine for this. Now, they are working on it to make it more efficient and perfect so that it can work just like the time machine in the movie named Back to the Future. It seems that after sometimes, people will say that time travel is happening all around of the world.

As per the theory of special relativity by Albert Einstein, time travel is possible if travels at the speed of light. Time is relatively depending on how fast we are moving. Paul Sutter, Ohio State University astrophysicist sated that traveling through time is a matter of speed and all it need to understand Einstein’s theory of relativity. He further added that, the faster we move in space, the slower we move in time. In movies, directors use some sort of complex machinery to show the scene of time travel, but in real life, for time travel all we need is a large and powerful rocket. Sutter informed that indeed, we can jump forward into the future as much as we want. It’s only a matter of going really, really fast.

So, the question here is where the time travel is happening? You won’t believe the answer. Time travel is happening during astronauts living in the International Space Station. As per the data, those astronauts travel faster than the people living on Earth.

The monumental theory developed by the Austrian physicist purposed that time is not just a constant. These events are occurring at the same time for one person and on the other hand, it can happen to another person at another time. Describing in simple terms, time will slow down or speed up but that depends on how fast we move relative to something else.

Here one can consider the example of cosmonaut Gennady Padalka. Padalka after staying a long 879 days in the space, in September 2015, returned to the Earth. Explaining the case, Richard Gott, Princeton physicist in his book named Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe mentioned that when Padalka came back to Earth from his journey, he found the Earth to be 1/44th of a second to the future of where he expected it to be. That means he has traveled into the future. Padalka spent around 2.5 years zooming over the planet, and when he returned he discovered the Earth was running at a fraction of a second more than him.

On the other hand, scientists have developed a real time machine. Well, it is not similar to the design of a DeLorean, but it is popular in the field of science as the Large Hadron Collider. How does it work?  As per the information, the Large Hadron Collider actuates proton compound at the speed of light and at such speed, the protons travel nearly 6,900 times slower than a human can observe. In other words, it can be said that protons are traveling to the future.

Dr. Sutter stated that the scientists have measured this with ultra-precise atomic clocks in jet airplanes, and the precision offered by the GPS system.

Scientists informed that it will be easy for all to travel forward in time. But, while traveling backward in time, some problems can occur. Till now scientists have not developed that technology which will help in to achieve the feat, stated Professor William Hiscock, Montana State University. Traveling in time is like sending humans by the fabric of time. It is a much more uncertain proposition.

There is still a huge gap between the time travel and its reality. To make it possible, the first thing that scientists will need a powerful and superfast rocket which can travel at the speed of light. There is a spacecraft named Parker Solar which can only travel at .00067 percent of the light speed. Apart from that, such travel requires huge safety measures. But, Stephen Hawking stated that in future humans will be able to time travel. Maybe one day in future, the concept of time travel will come true.

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